We Are Cosmos

We're a couple of students with a fairly strong passion for books, and we're dedicating our lives to bring to the world more books and more authors. Because our company is just starting, we do not publish nor distribute books. For now, we're only providing editorial services and book cover designs. Once we've done our work, we can help you self-publish your book or publish it through a classic publishing house. As our company is on its first steps, we offer services completely free of charges, as we're only looking to meet new writers, make a name of ourselves and get ready for when things get serious!

The Team

Jan Aubert

Graphic Designer


"I make sure you judge the book by its cover."

Cloé Porqueres

Founder and Editor


"I'm a real life Matilda."

Judit Beser

Strategic Planner

"I planned you'd read this."

We're always looking for new  team mates! If you love books and are looking to build a career in the (amazing) field of publishing, don't hesitate to send us your resume.

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