Terms of service

Authors who submit manuscripts and excerpts to Cosmos Books© signify that they are the author of the submitted work.


Authors who want suggestions for or help with a query letter will include the query letter with the manuscript submission.


The following editing services shall be considered the full scope of work of this editor contract:

  1. line-by-line editing to improve clarity, organization, and flow while maintaining your authorial voice;

  2. corrections of spelling and grammar errors, typos, and inconsistencies;

  3. suggestions to improve the style, tone, point of view, word choice, and sentence structure;

  4. identification of what's not working in your manuscript and any areas that can be improved.


Any creative works or other intellectual property created under the scope of this editor contract shall be the sole intellectual property of Author. Editor shall make no claims otherwise at any point. Editor reserves the right to use samples of completed work for marketing purposes or as part of a portfolio.


The book covers designed by Cosmos Books© shall only be used for the purpose of its creation, known as the work submitted by Author. The copyright to the cover art does not belong to the author who commissions the piece, transfer of the digital file of the work is not transfer of the copyright. The copyright to the cover art belongs to the Designer, until selling or written permission for commercial use from the Designer. Cosmos Books© assures exclusivity for each cover and will not use the same design or a variation of it for two different submissions. 


Cosmos Books© makes no guarantee that an edited manuscript will be accepted by agent or publisher, or that an edited manuscript will be published.

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