Humagony - Short Stories

Dexuality Valentino

Sometimes dark, sometimes funny or surreal, these stories started in a train carriage as part of a few random overheard conversations, and were taken far from reality of  to something completely different.

Goodbye Armadillo is a story about an artist, the amygdala and drunken brain surgery.

Fight or Flight is a short surreal tale about confrontation, should you run or stand your ground, when you find yourself in the wrong part of a town you don't know?


Flameboy is a story about love, friendship and accidentally bursting into flames.


The Earlies is a story about death. Jim is seventy-six and he knows he won’t see seventy-seven. He is dying and this is his last day on earth: should he leave the past buried or should he tell the world about that day where he was The Hero? This story takes place in the not too distant future when euthanasia or assisted suicide is a human right.


The Man is a precise man, in control of his perfect, minimalist world. Until one day he discovers he no longer exists.


Car Crashed is a story about the end of love. And the process afterwards, picking through the pieces to understand how and why you crashed.

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